Explore a Marina in the making

The early days at Farndon Marina saw speedy development of the harbour infrastructure which would be developed continuously over the next five decades.

From the building of the new bridge to a fantastic toilet block, the Marina had become known for setting the standard with new facilities for it's patrons. A trend which would to continue through the generations of family ownership.

The second bridge marked a new era of expansion for Farndon Marina. With the same period seeing a new office constructed and the success of East Midland Boat Transport - headed by Mark Ainsworth.

This set of images shows the development from the upgraded 'Portable' toilet facilities to a step inside the original office. You'll see also pictures of Mark & Jane Ainsworth hard at work running the office.

The major slipway upgrade and the installation of the landmark bridge ensured Farndon Marina stayed ahead of the boat building industry to accommodate ever increasing boat sizes.

Today, the Marina stands out amongst it's contemporaries; from it's busy brokerage service, peaceful moorings and contrasting landscapes to the modern office and chandlery...not forgetting the friendly team that keeps it all running smoothly.