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Marina Tariffs


Standard Monthly Rate  £32.25 per metre
12 Months paid in Advance* 25% Discount
6 Months paid in Advance 15% Discount
3 Months paid in Advance 10% Discount
1 Months paid in Advance 5% Discount
Weekly paid in Advance £8.77 per metre


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All vessels are LENGTH OVER ALL MEASURED (LOAM) to include pulpits, anchors, bowsprits, push pits, bathing platforms, davits, rudders and outdrives.

Minimum chargeable length 6.00 METRES All mooring fees are payable in advance and calculated on a calendar month and all mooring agreements shall commence on the first day of a calendar month. For short-term periods of less than one month, mooring fees will be calculated on a weekly basis. No Refunds or Credit notes will be given for Mooring Fees paid in advance on early termination of mooring contract.


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Marina Tariffs - hoist

Lift vessel - chock ashore
£19.30 per metre
Lift vessel - launch
£19.30 per metre
Lift on or off road transport
£19.30 per metre
Vessels over 13 metres lift and hold in hoist slings for up to 2 hours and launch
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Retain in slings (for each additional 2 hr period)
Lift from water; hold vessel in hoist slings for a maximum period of 2 hours and launch up to a maximum of 13 metres
Fees include VAT
Please note that boats are NOT hoisted on a Saturday or Sunday (except in an emergency)

Marina Tariffs - visitor overnight moorings

Farndon Marina visitor overnight moorings
Riverside Pontoon Marina Entrance ONE NIGHT ONLY (without facilities)
2nd nights mooring on the Riverside Pontoon/Marina Entrance per 24hrs or part
Marina Berth (including facilities) for one night only
Deposit on amenity fob(s)
£10.00 each (VAT free)
Fees include VAT where applicable

Marina Tariffs - electrical charges

Per unit rate **subject to change in line with changes imposed by our energy suppliers**
Electric per unit including 5% VAT 


No subcontract labour may be used to work on boats moored or stored on our premises without prior arrangement.

Berth Holders Selling Boats Privately
For vessels which are sold or exchanged whilst currently holding a berth at Farndon Marina, either with or without a completed mooring agreement, other than those on Brokerage with Farndon Marina, the owner or vendor shall be liable for the charge of yard commission of 1% plus VAT of the gross sale figure. In the absence of confirmation of the gross sale figure, the commission will be assessed on an average current valuation. The owner or vendor will be obligated to inform Farndon Marina of the transfer of ownership of any vessel for any reason to ensure that all liabilities for that vessel are discharged. Private FOR SALE signs are not to be displayed and the mooring is not part of the sale.

Marina Tariffs - other service charges

Boat Road Trailer storage (Per calendar month). This charge will apply when the boat is afloat and the trailer is stored. All stored trailers must be marked with the boats name, be securely locked and a key placed in the Marina office.
£40.00 (inc VAT)
Use of slipway, launch and recover on the same day for trailered boats, inclusive of parking for one day.*
£20.00 per day (inc VAT)
Car and trailer parking per day for patrons
£3.00 (inc VAT)
Recovery or Launch only of day boat.*
£20.00 (inc VAT)
Tow of a vessel by tug in the event of a breakdown. Tug charges are assessed from the time the tug leaves Farndon Marina to its return to Farndon Marina.
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*During closed office hours the barrier will be locked and entry and exit will be possible by FOB HOLDERS ONLY.
Labour - Per Hour
£60.00 (inc VAT)
Power wash hull below water line
£6.00 per metre (inc VAT)
Tow vessel within the marina
£30.00 (inc VAT)
Self operated pump out (without chemical)
£12.00 (inc VAT)
Gate Security Fob Deposit (max 3)
£10.00 each (VAT free)
Crane lifting of engines and heavy equipment
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