Honda BF80

Honda BF80 high torque engine Farndon Marina


If you're looking for a high torque engine then the Honda BF80 is a good choice.  With it's 1.5 litre programme fuel injection, electric start, F-N-R gears and much more the BF80 is a very popular engine for delivering more power and better fuel economy.

• BLAST - boosted low speed torque 
• Programmed fuel injection
• ECOmo- superior fuel efficiency
• Electric start
• Power trim and tilt
• Engine protection & security
• Through hub exhaust 
• L4, 16 valves
• Efficient performance
• Light and compact design
• 1,496cm³ displacement
• Weight from 165kg• F-N-R gears
• 6.1m harness
• 12/44 amp alternator
• Remote control

The BF80 is not supplied with a fuel tank.

The Honda BF80 outboard is available from Farndon Marina with prices starting from £9,800...

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